Dog Boot Camp


The “Dog Boot Camp” is a popular option for people looking for a turn-key dog.  We typically offer two options for our boot camps.  The first focuses on training basic obedience for the typical pet.  The second is more intensive and is designed to maximize the dog’s potential.  With both options, we work towards the goal of training the dog to an electronic collar (e-collar).  Click here to learn about the benefits of e-collar conditioning and training.

Beginner/Basic Training Package $1750 – 4 week minimum

With the beginner package, we train your dog in basic, fundamental obedience commands.  At a minimum, your dog will understand and complete the following commands: sit, down, come and heel.  Other commands may be introduced and trained, depending upon the dog’s progress during training.  All training is conducted on leash, with the potential to introduce off leash training.  This package is ideal for young dogs and puppies in need of socialization and fundamental obedience.  With this option, you will be given follow-through instructions on how to maintain and develop your dog for the next stages of training.  There is no age limit for this package.

Advanced/Expert Training Package $3000 – 8 week minimum

This package is ideal for those who desire complete control. Your dog will be taught fundamental obedience and then layers of training will be added as the dog progresses.  As training continues, we begin shaping behaviors such as focus heeling while the dog is in motion, commanding the dog to sit or down while in motion and remain in this position until released.  More attention is paid to increasing the dog’s stability in various obedience commands such as down-stay or sit-stay.  Much of the training is conducted on leash, and off leash training is completed near the end of the training. The dog will be fully e-collar conditioned and will respond to hand and voice commands from a distance. Upon completion of the training, you are provided with one-on-one instruction on how to advance in training and maintain the dog’s proficiency.  Dogs must be at least 8 months old, however, if you wish to begin training and the dog is under 8 months old, you can have a trainer meet with you on a bi-weekly basis to receive one-on-one training to lay the foundation for future training once the dog comes of age.