Individual Training Sessions

A well-behaved dog means a happier household!  Many dog owners find themselves becoming frustrated with their dog and need help to improve that relationship.  Often, the answer to a better dog-human relationship is simply a matter of proper communication.  Our professional dog training approach seeks to improve communication and establish dominance in a manner that the dog respects and understands.  We focus on simple, yet very important, concepts that help improve this relationship, while keeping the process easy to follow, efficient and effective.

Common goals for training sessions include the following:
  • Basic obedience commands such as sit, down and come
  • On and off leash heeling to ensure dog is controlled and calm during walks
  • Obtain control with distractions present such as other dogs, visitors to the home, etc
  • Behavior modification – excessive barking, play biting, jumping on people, etc
  • Identifying, managing or eliminating aggression issues towards people and other animals

Dog training requires patience, consistency, repetition and a positive attitude.  We use a client-focused approach that gives you the tools to continue training between sessions and once training has completed.  The owner is given “homework” between each session with simple, easy to follow steps and instructions.  We also offer unlimited lifetime phone and email consultation so that you are never alone in your training!  Once training is completed, we also offer two, free training sessions per year.