Service Dog Program

Service & Assistance Dog Programs

Dogs are an important part of our lives.  For some, dogs perform valuable tasks that greatly improve the lives of the people they serve. Nobody understands working dogs like the trainers at Minnesota Canine Consulting!  We have our roots in the police canine industry; police service dogs are highly trained to perform a number of tasks.  It takes time, talent and dedication to train an effective police dog.  We took the lessons learned in the police service dog field and translated it to training dogs to serve as PTSD Assistance Dogs, therapy dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs.  We recently partnered with Soldiers-6, a Twin Cities based 501(c)3 non profit dedicated to providing service and assistance dogs to current and former military and law enforcement personnel.  For more information on Soldiers-6, including how to donate, click on Soldiers-6 Donations/Information. All donations are tax deductible.  Also, be sure to check the Soldiers-6 Facebook page for updates on events, news and other information. Like and share to help spread the word on this outstanding organization!  We here at MCC are proud to provide training for our friends at Soldiers-6, and we look forward to helping serve those that gave so much in the name of public service.  Thank you to our veterans, active and inactive military, and current and former law enforcement, fire and EMS…your sacrifice does not go unnoticed! We’ve got your 6!