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Welcome to Minnesota Canine Consulting!  We are a custom dog training service in Minnesota.  We serve clients who are looking for fully-trained dogs, behavior modification training, obedience training, service dog training and police canine training and development. It is our mission to provide quality service to our clients.  We serve the greater Twin Cities Metropolitan area, and also receive dogs from throughout the Upper Midwest.

MCC is proud to be a law enforcement owned business!


Following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding dog training,

Q: Where does my dog stay during training?

A: The dog stays at our facility and is assigned their own run/kennel space.  Kennels and runs are cleaned multiple times a day and staff consistently monitors the facility to ensure it is clean, safe and efficient for the training process.

Q: Do you train aggressive dogs?

A: Generally, no.  Any dog that has bitten another animal or human (regardless of severity) will not be accepted into the program.  We offer a consultation fee of $100 to have your dog evaluated prior to entering the program.  We maintain perspective and will always put human lives first when making decisions regarding training aggressive dogs.

Q: What do I need to bring with my dog for training?

A: Required items include medications, current vaccinations and a negative fecal sample (within one year).  Requested items are food and any collars or training equipment that the training staff indicates will be used in the training process.

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